CHA Adopt-A-highway Trash Pick-up Program

Since 2019, the Chattanooga Humanist Assembly has partnered with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) in assuming responsibility for reducing road side litter along Highway 58 in Hamilton County. TDOT has placed permanent signs denoting the two mile stretch of Highway 58 adopted by the Chattanooga Humanist Assembly. Our Tennessee Adopt-A-Highway section happens to be a scenic one, with views overlooking Lake Chickamauga and Wolftever Creek. CHA is proud of our participation in the Tennessee Adopt-A-Highway Program, and has received special recognition by TDOT’s central office in Nashville for the consistency, frequency, and effectiveness of our efforts. CHA initiated this partnership for several reasons. It reflects CHA members’ desire to support environmental activism in both large and small ways. It provides participating CHA members an opportunity to socialize and get to know one another a bit better. Trash pick-up efforts also exemplify to ourselves and the larger Chattanooga community a simple, concrete way of being “Good Without God.”

Since the Adopt-A-Highway Program is supported and overseen by the State of Tennessee, our volunteers must first complete TDOT’s two requirements prior to participation. First, potential volunteers must familiarize themselves with commonsense safety guidelines developed by TDOT for litter pick-up work. Second, potential volunteers must review and sign a “Release of Liability Statement” acknowledging that litter pickup along a state-owned right-of-way can be inherently hazardous.

Our CHA Adopt-A-Highway pick-ups take place in the morning of every 3rd Saturday, each month. Interested persons may contact CHA’s designated coordinator with TDOT, Pat Lavin, at to learn the easy and quick steps involved to fulfill TDOT volunteer requirements, as well as specific pickup time and location details.