Welcome New Friends!

This January’s meeting of the Chattanooga Humanists may have a few new faces thanks to some outreach to the “Chattanooga 20’s and 30’s Social” group on Meetup.com. If you are coming to this site from that group, then Hello! We’re looking forward to meeting you. We have a recurring monthly potluck get-together, and we also have an adopted stretch of highway along which we do a monthly litter pick-up event. During the nicer parts of the year, we also do some biking and hiking out in our beautiful Scenic City. We have a meditation group that meets via Zoom on Sundays, and some of us have been known to play board games and D&D together.

If any of this sounds fun, or if you have any other fun ideas that we might want to try, then come join us! This January’s potluck/meeting will be on the 2nd Sunday of the month as usual, which in 2023 will be January 8th. More details will be posted here and on Meetup.com as the date gets closer, but we wanted to have something here for any of you new folks who might be checking out the page.


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