July Cycling Trip

A group of humanist homies from the very young to the very old, and all ages in between, will be setting off once again from the Wheland Foundry Trailhead at 1503 Middle St at 9:30 am on Sunday, July 31st. Our jaunt should take us along the river to the Bluff View Arts District, where we stop at Rembrandt’s Coffee House for a little refreshment before returning to where most of us parked our cars.

Rental bikes are available at the trailhead, and battery-assisted e-bikes can usually be found along the route somewhere, for those of us less athletically inclined.

Our previous ride at the beginning of July (Technically our “June” trip) was the best-attended one so far this year. These things are a lot more fun with more people, so if you’ve not come along on one of these before, now’s the time to give it a try!


Our July Potluck Get-together is Almost Here!

Our regularly occurring monthly in-person get-together is about to happen again! Meet up with us in the clubhouse at the River Rock apartment complex on Sunday the 10th of July, to talk about whatever’s on your mind.

Where?: The “River Rock” Apartment building on the corner of 4th and Cherry street. The door is on Cherry, to the left of the sign that says “HOT WORX”. We’ll be in the nice, comfy common room, around the corner from the fitness center, with a nice view of the swimming pool. The address, for GPS purposes, is 382 Cherry St.

When?: 5pm, July 10.

What? A potluck dinner, and a chance to meet new friends, or catch up with friends you already know.

Who? You, hopefully! This sort of thing doesn’t work unless people show up.

Why?: Because we like you!

How? Well, that’s up to you. Cook up a culinary masterpiece, if that’s your jam, or just pick up a bag of chips or a beverage to share. If you can’t bring anything but your happy self, that’s all right too. We’re pretty good at sharing.

Bike Ride this Sunday, July 3rd

It’s that time again, when we take to two wheels with our humanist companions and ride alongside the Tennessee River from one end of Broad Street to the other.

Our Journey will begin at 9:30am, at the Wheland Foundry Trailhead located at 1503 Middle Street, and we usually go from there to Rembrandt’s Coffee House in the arts district before reversing course and returning to our starting point. We should be done by 11:30 or so, although sometimes some of us grab a bite together afterward.

This is Dan. Dan will be biking this Sunday with some friends. Come along, and be Dan’s friend!

You can bring a bike if you have one, or rent one from the City of Chattanooga if you don’t. There are possibly e-bikes available for those of us more into social activity than athletic activity. Just make sure to have hydration and a helmet, so you don’t die. Our outings have resulted in zero deaths, so far, and we’re planning to hold on to that record for a very long time.