Humanist Bike Ride on May 29th!

Some of us will be venturing forth on two wheels this weekend, from the Wheland Foundry Trailhead just off of South Broad Street behind Crust Pizza, to the Arts District downtown. (And then back, because that’s where most of us probably parked…)

If this sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning, then meet at 1503 Middle Street in Chattanooga, at about 10am May 29th, and join us!

If you have a bike you can bring, then bring it! If you don’t have one, or just don’t want to bring one, you can rent one. There are usually several rental bikes available at the trailhead, sometimes even electrically motor-assisted “e-bikes”, which are a lot of fun if you are more interested in scenery and conversation than strenuous exercise.

Allow a little extra time if you need a rental bike, especially if you are new to the process, and of course, remember that hydration and helmets are both important for riding safely.

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