Cycling is Back!

If you ever wanted to hang out with cool nonreligious friends AND get some exercise AND enjoy the Scenic City out in the fresh air, then boy howdy do I have some news for you.

Some of us Humanists are going to be gathering at the Tennessee Riverpark Wheland Foundry Trailhead, at 1503 Middle Street in Chattanooga, at about 10am on the 1st of May, and riding bikes to Rembrandt’s Coffee House and back.

If you want to bring your own bike, bring it. If you don’t want to bring one, you can rent one there at the trailhead, courtesy of the City of Chattanooga. They even have electrically motor-assisted “e-bikes” for the minimally athletic amongst us. 

Allow a little extra time if you need to rent one, because the process can be a little time consuming, and if you’re like me and insist on an e-bike, you may want to allow even more time to scout out a freshly charged-up speed machine.

Just remember to bring a helmet to protect your brain. We humanists understand the importance of those little grey cells between your ears.