Music with the Humanists

Sunday Jan 12th at 5PM at the Unitarian Church

Speaker: Darrin Hassevoort, Associate Professor of Music at Chattanooga State Community College
Subject: Darrin conducted Kim André Arnesen’s “Wound in the Water” this past November and will share some of the music as well as insights from this thought provoking and beautiful choral work. The work explores the theme of Mammon, the traditional symbol of the love of greed and money, by singing of our exile and the wounding of our world, of the beauty of the earth, and of the struggle of profoundly divided humanity towards a shared song. Mammon is a force that divides us, both internally – we become divided from ourselves, from our capacity for love – and communally- human beings become creatures of competition and conflict. Our relationship with ourselves, others, and the vividly living planet that is our home, slowly erodes and then collapses – and we come to live as homeless exiles in this threefold sense. This work recognizes the long journey towards the healing that we have to undergo and ends with an attempt of a shared song.